The new qgoda website

Qgoda Website Launch

The first release of Qgoda is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. As one milestone, the website has now gone online and the software documentation will subsequently be filled with exhaustive documentation of the system.

Qgoda (pronounced “yagoda” and Bulgarian for strawberry) is not only perfectly suited for your personal blog, your cooking site, or photo gallery but powerful enough to generate corporate web sites, micro sites, portfolio sites or software documentation sites. Its own site is, of course, run by Qgoda as well.

We at cantanea have no shortage of ideas for further improvements but we believe that after a little bit more than two years of development, the currently implemented feature set already makes Qgoda second to no other in its corner of the software world. Qgoda offers you:

  • arbitrary taxonomies, not just categories and tags
  • arbitrary document collections defined by a powerful syntax for filters using these taxonomies
  • ridiculously simple pagination over such collections
  • built-in multi-language support
  • a feature-rich and powerful templating system
  • ability to trigger page generation from templates (use case: generate an overview page for each tag, language, category, you name it)
  • seamless integration with modern web development tools and tool chains from the Node.js eco system, such as
    • webpack/gulp/grunt
    • PostCSS
    • CSS Modules
    • UglifyJS
  • an arbitrary numbrer of helper tools such as development web servers, build tools, continuous integration tests …
  • open plug-in APIs for Perl, Python, Ruby, and more languages in the future
  • largely missing documentation so that setting up a Qgoda powered web site truly qualifies you as an early adopter ;)

Commercial Support

Qgoda is 100 % open source and free software. Commercial support is available from cantanea for € 1.600,00 per day, excluding VAT. Attractive hosting plans are also available.

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