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Qgoda at the German Perl Workshop 2018

On April 5th, 2018 I will talk about Qgoda at the German Perl Workshop 2018. Other than true multi-color, wide-screen slides being presented, these topics will be covered:

  • Qgoda, ... what?
  • How does it differ from Jekyll and why?
  • Paginated listings with arbitrary taxonomies
  • Integrated multi-linguism based on the well-established tool-chain of GNU gettext, which makes Qgoda the ideal CMS for your open-source project page
  • Best of both worlds, where the two worlds are Perl and the Node.JS ecosystem (yarn/npm, webpack, Gulp, Browsersync and so on)
  • A complete walk-through from an absolutely minimalistic micro-site to a software portal with landing page, docs and blog like the Qgoda web site.

You can register for this and other Perl related talks at the GPW 2018 web-site.

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