Stop Bugging Me!

CAPTCHAs improve the security of the internet and are a necessary evil important for well-being of us all, right? Well, for the vast majority of internet users they are just a nuisance. They are like your greengrocer telling you, “hey, show me that you are not a cyborg before I let you pay your lychees and take them home”.

Never Delete PID Files!

The best way to delete a pid file (or rather a lock file) is not to delete it. Doing so will almost always result in race conditions voiding the protection against parallel execution.


Coco Chickpeas, Pakoras, Mango Chutney, and Oriental Yoghurt

Having to kill one day at the airport, on the plane, at the station and on the train always stirs the desire to cook something tasty so that I can chase away the ominpresent impressions of fast food and convenience products. The result of the last unvoluntary fasting are these chickpeas with coconut milk, pakoras, mango chutney and oriental yoghurt.

Formatting Large Hard-Disks On Mac OS X

My new LaCie rugged USB-C drive showed only a capacity of 372 MB instead of the 4 TB that I had bought, when I formatted the disk on Mac OS X High Sierra. It turned out that I first had to create a GUID Partition Table (GPT) on it to use the full capacity.


Globstar For Perl

Using the double star in file name patterns like assets/**/*.css is second nature to many web developers in the Node.js ecosystem. It is also used by gitignore when evaluating exclusion patterns. The new Perl library File-Globstar brings the same functionality to Perl.


Home-Made Soured Milk

Soured milk is another fermented dairy product that can be made at home with very little effort. The German word for it is Dickmilch which means “thick milk”. In Germany, it has lost a lot of its popularity to yoghurt but it can still be found in many supermarket shelfs. It is quite similar to yoghurt in taste and consistency but contrary to yoghurt it is very simple to make, even at home.

Extending Xgettext With Locale-XGettext

Locale-XGettext is a library for creating PO files for messages from any programming language. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for xgettext, whenever a new target language or use case to GNU gettext.


Home-made Sour Cream Butter

A recipe for self-made sour cream butter is at the same time a recipe for butter, crème fraîche and for buttermilk. I am a big fan of ice-cold buttermilk in summer and I love to cook with crème fraîche. Unfortunately, both products are hard to get in Sofia. Only the German supermarkt Hit sells them, and they are often sold out. Making butter at home makes that shortage a little bit easier to live with.